Preparing for an Office Move

Although we have touched on this before, we make no apologies for issuing a few key points by way of a reminder about potential employee-related issues if you’re moving offices.

Through our extensive experience as professional office removals experts, we know that:

•  Aspects of your employee liability cover may be at risk if you ask your employees to help with packing and moving items as part of an office move. (more…)

Christchurch furniture removals

Here at Christchurch Removals, we know a thing or two about packing!

So, here we’ll demolish a few myths you might have encountered in this area.

• You can’t safely transport glass.

Yes you can!  It does need to be treated with great respect though and professionally packed.  True, old thin panes of glass are more of a challenge than modern safety glass but we can cope with them too. (more…)

Christchurch Relocation Team

It’s sometimes the case that we need a little mechanical lifting assistance to get something heavy into a vehicle – and that’s where a tail-lift vehicle might be required.
This is usually required during furniture removals where there’s a single object that’s too heavy to lift manually – or at least to do so safely. Examples that come to mind include pianos, some large wardrobes, large stone garden ornaments and so on. (more…)


When we’ve agreed a delivery date with you, you can be sure that we will have taken certain professional steps to check that all will be well in terms of meeting our commitment.

However, there may be odd things that can catch us out and accessing your address ‘on the day’ is one such. (more…)

fabric packing

If you are doing your own packing, we draw your attention to the potential need to cover your fabric items thoroughly with an impermeable layer of protection.

That probably sounds like something of a mouthful but it’s quite straightforward. (more…)

Preparing for an Office Move

Let’s be clear, at Christchurch Removals we prefer to talk about all the things we can do rather than start discussing those we can’t.

Even so, we are occasionally asked questions about what activities on removals day we can take care of and those we either can’t or won’t be well positioned to handle.  In fact, there are very, very few things we can’t do but there are a few points perhaps worth mentioning. (more…)


It is not unusual for us to get asked to handle unusually sized items as part of a household removal.

The classic examples are, of course, things like grand pianos and large wardrobes.  Yet there are other things in this category too, including objects like antique grandfather clocks etc.

Just how we go about dealing with these items will vary a lot depending upon what type of move you are making.   (more…)

One of the most worrying things when contemplating a household removal is just how you and your removers will cope with that extra-large or oddly dimensioned item.

Examples of such objects might include very large wardrobes, sideboards and grandfather clocks etc. (more…)


A question we are regularly asked is just what items you can remove from the house you are vacating.

Strictly speaking, this question should be addressed to your solicitor.  There are certain legal implications involved in this but we will do our best to offer you a quick layperson’s guide here. (more…)

Taking Possession of Your New Home

Taking possession of your new home is often something that generates a little nervous tension.

That’s completely understandable and the point at which you legally take possession (as opposed to moving in) can vary depending upon the particular details of your purchase contract.  Here are a few tips that may prove helpful though of course these will differ if you are moving into rental property. (more…)