Moving your belongings from one place to another may sound simple, however the truth is in stark contrast to what we think. Moving your house even few blocks away will require you to plan in advance. You do not want to procrastinate and wait till the last minute and then end up paying a fortune for your move. It is therefore best to take out some time and plan your move in advance. There are several stories where poor customers are lured by unprofessional companies by giving cheap quotations and then they end up paying a huge amount on moving day thanks to all hidden charges. Not to forget the stress and hassle that is associated with such moves. It is therefore important that you choose a reputed company for stress free move. There are several Christchurch removals companies that can offer you qualitative services.

There are certain things that you must keep in mind while aiming for a hassle free move. Planning is the crux of moving. Inability to plan in advance can lead to increased charges and delayed move. Many of us wonder how early should one plan for the move. Ideally a move needs to be planned…

Are you planning to move your house or your office shortly? Have you wondered how you are going to pack all your belongings and transport them safely? Are the worries of moving, giving you sleepless nights? If yes, then you are in need of professional relocating company. A reputed relocation service provider can ease your worries of moving. Packing is one of the most essential parts of moving your home or your office. It is ideal that you avail professional packing services to ensure safety of your belongings.

There are several benefits of hiring professional packing services for your move. Let us look at some of the most important benefits.

  1. Professional and experienced workforce: packing agencies use highly skilled workforce that is trained to pack things efficiently. They know the art of packing and hence they pack items in accordance with their fragility. Packing each piece correctly is their job requirement and they do with effectiveness.  This eliminates the odds of clumsiness and inefficiency.
  2. Saves time: Hiring these services saves time as well. The households which took days to pack can be handled in a single day by these professionals and not to forget in a better way. You need not…

We mayoften need to move to different cities, states within one country. It is generally due to employment opportunities, or health and education facilities that might be available in different parts of the country.This kind of relocation may or may not be permanent. The volume of goods to be transferred is totally dependent on the need. Many a times, the employees get a benefit of relocation expense, being borne by the employer. So there is no hesitation in spending a good amount for hiring a national relocation services company. A good relocation company can be extremely helpful they can orchestrate a safe and convenient move for you.

If you are planning to move to a different country for a temporary phase of two to three years then you don’t need totransfer any legal documents. However, if the move is permanent there are many legal formalities to be taken care of. As in case of any relocation, proper planning is must in this case also. The mover should make the national relocation services provider aware of the motive behind relocation. The planning, if correct, is the base for perfect execution of the process.

Relocation specialists can guide you…

The amount of mistakes people make when moving into their new home can to great extend be eliminated by careful planning and making use of the expert advice of trained consultants of the moving company selected for the project.

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By far, the biggest mistake most people fall prey to is not planning the event well in advance and leaving this stress filled exercise for the last minute. The advantages of long term planning if possible is that the household moving services can schedule the move and may result in substantial cost advantages especially when thinking in terms of international moving. The logistics involved and finding space on freighters could cause relocation services Canterbury to use alternative and therefore more expensive methods to ensure the prompt delivery at your destination.

Cleaning and un-cluttering the home and storage areas of items past their useful life or items no longer required will cause the household moving services additional time and space that can be avoided. The use of donating these goods while clearing the areas is an exercise that will also save time and space when arriving at the…

The average person’s life is said to be disrupted by divorce, death of a loved one and moving house. Whether they move from one country to another or just down the road, the impact on their lives is the same. So to ensure that this process is handled as smoothly as possible the selection of a removal company is a big decision and by asking a few important questions this could become stress free.

The household moving services must be able to offer a written guarantee to give the client the peace of mind.Ensure that verbal claim and promises made to secure the contract is fully described in the written contract. This ensures that both parties are covered and that no disputes could arise to make this an unpleasant experience. The contract should contain a money back guarantee if the service is not satisfactory and replacement of items damaged during the move.

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They should conduct an onsite inspection and the final quote by the household moving services should be based on this. Estimates given over the phone or internet is just not acceptable. The quote…

The creation and completing of a simple checklist can remind the homeowner of certain considerations of extreme importance during the stressful experience when their whole life is disrupted and in total chaos with the upcoming move.

The checklist makes the planning of the move by relocation services in Canterbury a simple process and the checklist should at minimum include the following items. The completion of a checklist will further determine whether the household moving services that they are considering for the move is the right choice for this stressful event taking place in their lives.

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The questions should be whether this is causing stress in the household and whether the client would prefer a household moving services provider offering a fully comprehensive service that covers all aspects from packing to cleaning and unpacking at the destination. How to handle the ever present thought of forgetting something important will be handled. The concerns about the safety of the possessions due to theft and damage during the event has become extremely valid concerns and what the household moving services can offer to ease this concern. To allow strangers’ access to…

Relocating for a job or moving to a bigger house may require temporary storage. A homeowner needs a reliable house location service that can pack up the contents of the home. The use of storage services for personal items means families can get settled into a new home and have items in storage delivered at a later time. Homeowners who hire a local removal company should review a few tips when preparing for a move.


Work Area

Boxes used for personal items can be placed on the floor or on a table. One option is to use the table in a kitchen or dining room as it has the biggest surface area. Make sure to have a pad of paper, tape, and markers for labelling all the boxes that are packed.

Packing Boxes

A house relocation company will prefer that packing boxes of the same size are full. This will keep any boxes that are partially full from collapsing if heavier boxes are placed on top.

Filling Material

Plastic and paper filling material needs to be used to keep items from moving during transport. The use of filler material is crucial…

Storage Christchurch and in AucklandIf you are moving out without anywhere to move in, if you have outgrown your house but cant quite move to a larger one just yet or maybe you need to get the clutter out of your office and need somewhere to store secure files, you may be an ideal candidate for using secure storage services.

Secure storage services are exactly what they seem to be from their name a secure place where various items, almost anything that you can think of really, can be stored with assurance that the facilities are secure.

Steps to using secure storage services:

  1. Decide on the things that you want to store
  2. Book a space that fits the items that you are storing
  3. They will either pick up from you or you can deliver to the facility personally
  4. Load the items into the secure storage unit
  5. Lock it up

Who can use secure storage services?

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Businesses
  • Sports clubs
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Anyone that has a storage need




Some tips for using secure storage services

  • Always insure your items
  • Use a good quality lock on the door
  • Cover everything with plastic to keep it dust…

There are two ways that most of us approach moving house and that is either the hard way or the harder way. Now moving house can actually be a breeze if you know what you are doing or at least engage someone that does!

There are a number of things that you can do to make your house relocation smoother and ensure that your beloved belongings don’t end up scratched, smashed or unusable.

Regardless of how you approach moving house here are our best five protective tips to help you get started:

  • Packing heavy items: When you are packing items like books that can be heavy in quantities use smaller boxes so that the person that has to lift them doesn’t break their back.

It also means that it is less likely that the boxes will break when they are lifted so your valuable books are protected from damage.

  • Stacking boxes: Try and use a uniform size of box for all other things so that they are easier and safer to stack. You can buy durable packing cartons from most removalists for a small price that stack easily and don’t break.


New Zealand is physically located on the tectonic plate boundary between the Pacific plate and the Australia-India plate. This plate boundary can be found east of the North Island and across to the west of the South Island.

Christchurch is not directly on this plate boundary but it is close to secondary faults that are caused by a curve in the plate boundary that are related to the boundary which is the reason for the frequency of earthquakes of different magnitudes. (more…)