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moving and packing advice

Moving can be made easier with a little planning and preparation. Christchurch Removals offers some tried and true advice below that you might find helpful.


Start by booking your move as far in advance as possible. This ensures you get the time, date and truck size that you require for your move. Fridays and Saturdays book up very fast, particularly at the end of the month. If you need to move on these days please ensure you book early.

When booking your move we will ask you a series of questions to get an idea of the size of the job and how long it will take.

  • Try to be as accurate as possible about the quantity of furniture and other household effects you are shifting.
  • Let us know if on the day you have more or less than you originally planned for.
  • Let us know if there are steps or a tight driveway access
  • Let us know if you have any particularly heavy items such as pianos, so we can bring the appropriate equipment.


Packing can be the most time consuing part of the move, and requires a lot of energy and coordination

  • Ensure all packing is completed before the movers arrive. Or to save time and energy you can use our packing service.
  • We can help you – dismantle beds, remove shelves and provide boxes, just let us know what support you require
  • Leave draws full unless they have breakables in them, this makes for fewer boxes, and our movers are strong, experienced men and well equipped to move them to and from the truck.
  • Pack books and heavy items in small boxes and linen and lighter items in larger boxes. Making sure your boxes are not too heavy will prevent any unneccessary injury.
  • Have all items you are packing, dismantled, sealed and placed in one area of your house and ready to go.
  • Try to keep doorways and stairs clear of shoes and obstacles to make access ways clear and reduce any chance of accidents.


When your move requires is large or you have a bad access (for example; steps, or a long walk) Will will recommend using more than 2 men. This is typically a more cost effective option as it speeds up your move considerably and the price often ends up working out about the same.

Depending on the destination of your relocation, the points relating to access apply. The more information you can provide us with the easier we can make the move.


If our truck or van is going to be loading from the street try to ensure there is parking space available. It’s a good idea to park your vehicles over night in the space where the truck will park, and move them for the truck when it arrives.

If we are going to be backing into your drive way trim any over hanging branches or hedges and iInform our driver of any low hanging phone or power lines

If you have a shared driveway it’s a good idea to inform the other residents that the driveway will be blocked for a few hours so they can make sure their vehicles are out before we arrive.

The more information about your move you can povide us the more prepared and accurate we will be. Utilize our FULL QUOTE service to speed up the process of your move.


If your move falls on settlement day please let us know. In our experience Fridays are always difficult days as settlement times can be held up.

It is recommended that your move is booked to start around lunch time, as this gives the solicitors time to do your key change over. Try to communicate with your solicitor and real estate agent in the days leading up to your shift and let us know if you think you may have a hold up.

Our Consultation Process when planning your move is aimed to keep your costs down and most importantly; removes stress! You will have our skilled and experienced team assisting with your move, Happy to go the extra mile to make the transition into your new premises as smooth as possible.

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We can honestly recommend Christchurch Removals for reliable and efficient household moving services.We received a prompt reply to our request for a quotation, in person, by Steve Taylor, who was courteous and accommodating to our needs. The carriers arrived on time and were competent and careful with our furniture.

— Ken and Marie Donaldson.

Thank you for the excellent service you and your team provided in our recent move. You made our move almost completely stress-free. From start to finish you and your team were communicative, professional, reliable and responsible. You quoted us a fair and honest price and provided great value for money.

— Jeanine and Bas Veendrick
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