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August 2016 - Christchurch Removals – Christchurch Removals

Avoiding Fire Risks when Moving Home

Household Moving
August 29, 2016 Published by

Fire is an ever-present danger when lots of household items are densely packed together and contained within a relatively enclosed space, such as a transport vehicle. At Total Care Removals, we respectfully request that our clients notify us in advance of any materials that might be deemed ‘hazardous’ including inflammable substances. The good news is...

How to Avoid Fixtures and Fittings Disputes when Moving Home

household removal
August 22, 2016 Published by

One thing that can usually be said about moving day and agreed by everyone is that you probably want to forget it as fast as possible once it’s done. If you’re to achieve that, what you won’t want to find is that for days, weeks and months afterwards, you’re embroiled in legal disputes and squabbling...

Moving Home – Remember to Have Fun!

House Relocation
August 16, 2016 Published by

In looking back through our recent blogs, we couldn’t help but notice how they’re largely full of sound advice of the ‘how to avoid problems or deal with them if they arise’ type. That’s all well and good plus highly laudable – and we hope you find them useful. Even so, to put it bluntly,...

Why you need to Drain Motorcycles and Lawnmowers

Christchurch Removals
August 9, 2016 Published by

We regularly handle motorcycles and lawnmowers in our household removals. In one sense, they’re no problem for us at all.  They’re usually not massively large or heavy, though if you have a full-blown agricultural mower do please let us know in advance so we can check its dimensions and weight. However, we will typically ask...

FAQs on Removal Insurance

Removal Insurance
August 2, 2016 Published by

We’re regularly asked questions on this one. So, we’d like to share some of them here. Will your insurance cover me against all risks? No. To explain:- Our own standard insurance exists to cover our liabilities to you and the general public.  It will not cover you if, say, you need to ask us to...

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