5 Protective Tips for Household Removals in Christchurch

House Relocations
September 6, 2013 Published by

There are two ways that most of us approach moving house and that is either the hard way or the harder way. Now moving house can actually be a breeze if you know what you are doing or at least engage someone that does!

There are a number of things that you can do to make your house relocation smoother and ensure that your beloved belongings don’t end up scratched, smashed or unusable.

Regardless of how you approach moving house here are our best five protective tips to help you get started:

  • Packing heavy items: When you are packing items like books that can be heavy in quantities use smaller boxes so that the person that has to lift them doesn’t break their back.

It also means that it is less likely that the boxes will break when they are lifted so your valuable books are protected from damage.

  • Stacking boxes: Try and use a uniform size of box for all other things so that they are easier and safer to stack. You can buy durable packing cartons from most removalists for a small price that stack easily and don’t break.

Always tape up the boxes before they are taken for loading so that items don’t fall out, and don’t over pack.

  • Wrapping things for protection: Wrap everything that needs protecting that cannot fit into a box. Use bubble wrap, blankets, plastic or paper to keep your valuable items in one piece and damage free.
  • Take it apart: For the larger pieces that may be difficult to move take them apart if that is possible.

Try to remove legs from tables so they are easier to pack and move through doors, some cabinets and other items may also be simple to disassemble and transport in pieces.

Make sure that you keep all of the pieces with the item so it is easy to reassemble.

  • Cover fabric items: Cover items like mattresses and fabric chairs with plastic. This protects them in two ways. It stops them from getting dirty in case they are brushed up against something and it will stop them from ripping if they come into contact with a sharp object.

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