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June 6, 2018 Published by

Although we’ve mentioned the subject of antiques once before, that was some time ago so we thought we’d offer a quick reminder.

If you are involved in a house removal, we will gladly offer special services for any item you may think of as being of high sentimental or indeed financial value.  Antique items which may have been handed down through the family or more recently acquired, may often come in that category.

There are a few points worth making about such objects when they are relocated.

Firstly, it’s worth remembering that you should probably ensure that you have special contents insurance cover for items defined as being “high value antiques”.  Specifically, it would be essential to make sure that your policy covers such items when they are in transit, such as when you are moving home.

The second point that we would like to draw to your attention is that any items that are of high value, including antiques, should be brought to our attention.  That is both from a practical viewpoint in terms of us making sure they are packed and protected appropriately but also since there may be insurance issues such as maximum cover levels for any individual item.

It’s also the case that some antiques require particularly specialised packing.  An example might be ancient oil paintings that are in equally ancient frames.  When these are high value items, it is usually advisable that they are packed in specialist wooden crates.

That will not be a problem for us but of course we don’t usually carry such specialised packing with us for ordinary removals. So, we would need to know in advance that this requirement exists in order to make sure that the appropriate steps are taken.

It’s also worth noting that where you have high value antique items that you yourself have packed, we may not be able to accept responsibility for them should they become damaged in transit.  A classic example there might be things such as glass or objects made of crystal.

We are experts in the carriage of fragile and antique items but do ensure that these are drawn to our attention at the earliest stages so that we can plan the best approach with you accordingly. 

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