A Reminder on Professional Office Moves

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July 20, 2016 Published by

Although we have touched on this before, we make no apologies for issuing a few key points by way of a reminder about potential employee-related issues if you’re moving offices.

Through our extensive experience as professional office removals experts, we know that:

•  Aspects of your employee liability cover may be at risk if you ask your employees to help with packing and moving items as part of an office move.

•  Depending upon the circumstances, you might be committing an offence if you ask staff to participate in activities that are outside of their usual duties and which are also potentially dangerous – particularly if you haven’t provided things like gloves, heavy shoes and perhaps hard-hats and other protective equipment. Carrying heavy objects up and down stairs is one such example and do be warned, the law takes this area seriously.

•  Some IT and other office equipment’s insurance cover may become null and void if it is packed by your staff for an office move.  Your policies may require that packing is done by external professional packers if cover is to be maintained.

•  Be cautious about asking pals, neighbours and even family friends to help. The fact that they’re volunteers and no contract of employment exists, won’t make an iota of difference to your legal liabilities if they’re injured. If they’re injured and sue you for compensation, the chances are that they’ll win and your insurance probably won’t cover it.
This might sound like it’s designed to talk (or frighten) you into using our professional packing services and office removals but it is no such thing.   We’re simply drawing to your attention how exposed you may be if you try and do aspects of your removal yourself in order to save what might be a relatively modest amount of money.
Please contact us if you’d like to know more.

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