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June 13, 2016 Published by

When we’ve agreed a delivery date with you, you can be sure that we will have taken certain professional steps to check that all will be well in terms of meeting our commitment.

However, there may be odd things that can catch us out and accessing your address ‘on the day’ is one such.

Although it’s rare with local furniture removals, Christchurch isn’t totally immune from those unexpected local authority decisions to suddenly dig up a road or street. That can make it impossible to reach a destination with a larger vehicle in some cases.

Of course, emergency works can be required at short notice and that’s just tough luck but other works are scheduled further ahead and can be spotted in advance. We will always do what research we can but it might also be a smart idea to ask around locally in the vicinity of your new home to see if anyone knows any reason why access to your new property might be tricky on the day and at the time concerned.

Is this likely to be a problem? No, it isn’t. Even so, it might be sensible to also check with utility and telecoms companies and local planning notices to make sure nothing’s going to happen that might make things tricky for you on your moving day. Many will have websites confirming when and where work is planned.

Another related thing worth checking and one we’ve mentioned before is your new neighbours.  It’s not unknown to find upon arrival that access to a property is blocked by another lorry parked up for building work next door. Usually a smile or two and a little manoeuvring and patience is all that’s required but sometimes the clash of space requirement between the two vehicles can be more serious.

So, a little bit of asking around while introducing yourself in advance of your move might be a good idea!

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