Local Art and Décor: Adding a Personal Touch to Your New Christchurch Home

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Local Art and Décor: Adding a Personal Touch to Your New Christchurch Home

Moving to a new home is an opportunity to start fresh and create a space that reflects your personality and tastes. One of the best ways to achieve this is by incorporating local art and décor into your new Christchurch home. Christchurch is a vibrant city with a thriving arts scene, offering a plethora of options for art lovers and interior decorators alike.

Local Art and Décor: Personalizing Your New Christchurch Home

This article will explore how you can use local art and décor to add a personal touch to your new home and make it truly yours.

The Rich Arts Scene of Christchurch

Diverse Artistic Community
Christchurch is home to a diverse and dynamic artistic community. From contemporary art galleries to traditional Maori crafts, the city offers a rich array of artistic expressions. Local artists often draw inspiration from the stunning natural landscapes and unique cultural heritage of New Zealand, resulting in works that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Supporting Local Artists
By choosing to decorate your home with local art, you are not only adding unique pieces to your space but also supporting Christchurch’s vibrant arts community. Purchasing local art helps sustain the livelihoods of artists and contributes to the cultural vitality of the city.

Finding Local Art and Décor

Art Galleries and Studios
Christchurch boasts numerous art galleries and studios where you can find original works by local artists. The Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū is a great place to start. It features a wide range of contemporary and historical artworks. Additionally, smaller galleries like The National, CoCA (Centre of Contemporary Art), and Chambers Art Gallery showcase works by emerging and established local artists.

Art Markets and Fairs
Art markets and fairs are excellent venues to discover unique pieces and meet the artists behind the work. Events such as The Christchurch Art Show and various weekend markets often feature local artists selling their creations. These events provide an opportunity to find one-of-a-kind pieces that will add character to your home.

Online Platforms
Many local artists and galleries in Christchurch also have online platforms where you can browse and purchase art. Websites like Felt and New Zealand Art Show offer a wide range of artworks, from paintings and sculptures to prints and handmade crafts, all created by New Zealand artists.

Incorporating Local Art into Your Home

Feature Walls and Statement Pieces
One effective way to showcase local art is by creating a feature wall. Select a prominent wall in your living room, hallway, or bedroom and adorn it with a collection of local artworks. Alternatively, choose a single statement piece that draws the eye and becomes the focal point of the room. Large paintings, sculptures, or intricate Maori carvings can make a powerful impact.

Mix and Match
Mixing and matching different styles and mediums can create a visually interesting and dynamic space. Combine contemporary pieces with traditional Maori art, or mix paintings with photographs and textiles. This eclectic approach not only highlights the diversity of Christchurch’s art scene but also adds depth and texture to your décor.

Functional Art
Consider incorporating functional art into your home. Handmade ceramics, glassware, and textiles by local artisans can serve both as décor and practical items. Beautifully crafted pottery can be displayed on shelves or used as dinnerware, while handwoven rugs and cushions can add color and comfort to your living spaces.

Outdoor Art
Don’t forget about your outdoor spaces. Sculptures, garden art, and murals can enhance your garden, patio, or balcony. Local artists often create pieces specifically designed for outdoor settings, made from materials that can withstand the elements while adding beauty and interest to your exterior spaces.

Personalizing Your Décor

Custom Commissions
If you have a specific vision in mind, consider commissioning a local artist to create a custom piece for your home. This could be a painting that captures a favorite Christchurch landscape, a bespoke piece of furniture, or a mural that reflects your personal style. Custom commissions offer the ultimate in personalization, ensuring that your home décor is truly unique.

Incorporating Local Themes
Incorporate local themes and motifs into your décor to celebrate the beauty and culture of Christchurch. This could include artwork featuring native flora and fauna, landscapes of the Canterbury region, or pieces that reflect Maori heritage. Such themes not only add a sense of place to your home but also create a deeper connection to your new surroundings.


Decorating your new Christchurch home with local art and décor is a wonderful way to add a personal touch and make your space truly your own. The city’s vibrant arts scene offers a wealth of options, from contemporary artworks to traditional Maori crafts. By supporting local artists and incorporating their creations into your home, you can create a unique and meaningful environment that reflects your personality and celebrates the beauty of Christchurch.

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