Preparing for an Office Move

We thought it was about time we produced another blog covering some of the FAQs we receive. This time, they’re covering commercial movers.

What is a commercial mover?

There isn’t a standard definition but it broadly means a removals company that either specialises or has expertise, in commercial moves.

That usually means offices and other related premises but it can also include factories, plant and equipment and commercial goods ex-warehouse. (more…)

Preparing for an Office Move

Here are a few top tips we respectfully offer if you’re considering an office relocation.

  • Plan well in advance, if at all possible. In our experience, office removals that our clients have rushed through (for perhaps perfectly legitimate reasons) are most commonly those that throw up problems on the day itself;
  • Appoint a removals coordinator or project manager from within your company. Getting your various colleagues and departments ‘co-ordinated’ in their planning for moving is a non-trivial task and it is one that may go badly wrong if nobody’s in overall charge and control.


Christchurch Removals NZ

Back in September 2016, we blogged on the issues associated with shipping goods in the post.

This created a lot of interest, specifically around postal insurance and we felt obliged to do a follow-up.

Do please note that we’re expert Christchurch movers not lawyers or insurance experts! So, we’re offering here our understanding and you may wish to check this yourself. (more…)

Tips for Handling Your Office or House Removal

There’s almost a comedy sketch feeling to any discussion around those poor old office removals guys trying to cope with furniture and other heavy objects several floors up.

Truth to tell, it can sometimes be something that tests the muscles of our guys. Having said that, they’re strong, fit, good humoured and usually can cope!

Sometimes business relocation, Christchurch and elsewhere, can be a challenge if it’s based around an ‘upper’ location and the building concerned doesn’t have good modern facilities such as a freight or goods lift. For example, some bigger office equipment just can’t be squeezed into a smaller people-lift and that might mean some heavy-duty puffing up and down the stairs. (more…)

office removals

Here you’ll find answers to some of the commonest questions on office removals put to experienced removals companies.

Can you pack for us or do we need to do it ourselves?

It’s usually possible for companies offering business relocation, Christchurch and elsewhere, to offer professional packing services too.

Do note though that there might be some categories of item that it might be preferable to pack yourself, possibly including:

  • highly confidential documents of a personal or business-critical nature;
  • some tradeable bonds which are effectively cash;
  • precious items that are in your custody, including jewellery and so on.

In some cases, your insurance policy for such items might also require you to transport them personally too. (more…)

christchurchremovals team

The oldest moving company we know of is the Shore Porters Society in Aberdeen, Scotland. They were formed back in 1498 when James IV was King of Scotland and Henry VII on the throne in England.

Now not even we’re that old (though one or two of our team might run that a close thing!) and we’re also sure that there are older moving companies around too. The reason we mention it though is to stress an important point – a track record. (more…)

household moving service

Ever looked at an insurance policy and thought you were reading an alien language?

If so, don’t worry. We’ve all been there!

To be fair, the insurance industry has made a huge amount of progress in simplifying the language it uses but we’re going to try and help. Here, we’ll be looking at the terms ‘new for old’ and ‘market valuation’. (more…)


Although it’s a subject we’ve blogged on before (the last time was about 7-8 months back), we hope you’ll excuse us for covering it again because it’s an important subject.

Here at Christchurch Removals, we can move just about anything to just about anywhere as part of our furniture removals service. However, there are a few potentially hazardous items where we will need to ask you to notify us well in advance if they’re included in your inventory of things to move: (more…)



Nobody knows your children like you do and we wouldn’t presume for a second to try and tell you how they’ll be likely to react.

Based on our very extensive experience of furniture removals, Christchurch and elsewhere, we can say though that we’ve usually witnessed one of two apparent reactions with younger (say under about 8-9 years of age) children: (more…)

furniture removals

We’re sometimes asked to try and get a removal and delivery done in one day.

Here’s how we will look at such requests.

Firstly, we always assure clients that if it’s humanly possible to do so, then we will. (more…)