Although it’s a subject we’ve blogged on before (the last time was about 7-8 months back), we hope you’ll excuse us for covering it again because it’s an important subject.

Here at Christchurch Removals, we can move just about anything to just about anywhere as part of our furniture removals service. However, there are a few potentially hazardous items where we will need to ask you to notify us well in advance if they’re included in your inventory of things to move: (more…)



Nobody knows your children like you do and we wouldn’t presume for a second to try and tell you how they’ll be likely to react.

Based on our very extensive experience of furniture removals, Christchurch and elsewhere, we can say though that we’ve usually witnessed one of two apparent reactions with younger (say under about 8-9 years of age) children: (more…)

furniture removals

We’re sometimes asked to try and get a removal and delivery done in one day.

Here’s how we will look at such requests.

Firstly, we always assure clients that if it’s humanly possible to do so, then we will. (more…)


Once we’ve moved everything out of your house onto our vehicle, you’ll probably want to walk around and say a hopefully fond farewell.

However, even at this stage, it’s important to run through a quick checklist as part of your house relocation, Christchurch or elsewhere. This one applies to owner-occupiers rather than tenants. (more…)

household removal

If you’ve entrusted us with your packing as well as the removal, you won’t need to worry about asking friends and family to help provide ‘labour’.

We’ll take care of everything that’s ‘heavy’. In fact, truth to tell, sometimes ‘too many hands’ can become almost more of a problem than a help. So, leave all that to us and relax! (more…)

House Moving

When you move home, if you are renting the property you are vacating then your obligations to third parties are considerably different to those of an owner-occupier.

The specifics of what you will need to do may vary depending upon the country you live in and its individual laws and regulations. Even so, many of the following will typically be required and this may serve as a useful checklist.

  1. You will be obliged to provide your landlord or their agents with a notice covering your intention to terminate your rental agreement and that notice will need to be a minimum period of time before you depart. That notice period will usually be documented in your existing rental documentation.



Strictly speaking, this isn’t our domain but it seemed appropriate to say a few words on the subject.

That’s because we sometimes hear of cases where this has ‘gone wrong’ for a client.

What can sometimes happen is that someone has an object that they’ve left with someone else (a family member perhaps) while they move home. Once in place, they ask for the object to be posted to them via recorded and insured postal services. (more…)

Household Moving

Fire is an ever-present danger when lots of household items are densely packed together and contained within a relatively enclosed space, such as a transport vehicle.

At Total Care Removals, we respectfully request that our clients notify us in advance of any materials that might be deemed ‘hazardous’ including inflammable substances. The good news is that many modern materials are very flame-retardant but not all are. (more…)

household removal

One thing that can usually be said about moving day and agreed by everyone is that you probably want to forget it as fast as possible once it’s done.

If you’re to achieve that, what you won’t want to find is that for days, weeks and months afterwards, you’re embroiled in legal disputes and squabbling over what you removed from your old property or what the ex-owners removed from your new home. Don’t underestimate how ‘touchy’ people can get over these things, even when small sums of money are involved. (more…)

Moving Home

In looking back through our recent blogs, we couldn’t help but notice how they’re largely full of sound advice of the ‘how to avoid problems or deal with them if they arise’ type.

That’s all well and good plus highly laudable – and we hope you find them useful. Even so, to put it bluntly, while they’re full of great tips, read together they’re hardly likely to encourage you to look forward to household removals!

So, we thought we’d redress the balance here a little and point out some facts based upon our extensive experience. (more…)