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Make Space During your Office Relocation Through Off-Site Storage

Preparing for an Office Move
August 15, 2018 Published by

Even in the second decade of the 21st century, moving companies, Christchurch and elsewhere, still occasionally involves having to move substantial numbers of old filing cabinets and paper document storage units. Of course, in some circumstances paperwork is still required.  That’s often the case in terms of signed contracts and some legal proceedings.  There are...

Think Carefully about Fixtures and Fittings

office moves
June 29, 2018 Published by

Although we blogged on this fairly recently, it seems to be a subject that is generating quite a few questions at the moment.  So we’ve decided to re-visit it. Do please remember though that we are not solicitors and your individual unique situation may require specific legal advice. Fixtures and fittings Let’s assume you are...

Anti-Phishing Advice

Anti phishing
June 20, 2018 Published by

We don’t pretend to be experts in information technology as well as furniture removals! Christchurch removals is where we excel. We also have no reason to believe that anyone has ever tried to deceive anyone else by pretending they were Christchurch Removals online.  Even so, we’d like to publish here are a few very basic...

A Quick Word on Antiques

Household Moving
June 6, 2018 Published by

Although we’ve mentioned the subject of antiques once before, that was some time ago so we thought we’d offer a quick reminder. If you are involved in a house removal, we will gladly offer special services for any item you may think of as being of high sentimental or indeed financial value.  Antique items which...

Office Removals – Top “Don’t Do” Tips

office moves
February 19, 2018 Published by

We are experts in business relocation, Christchurch and elsewhere in New Zealand. As a result of that, we have gained extensive experience of many particular forms of commercial moves and particularly office removals. That’s why we’d like to share some of our top tips for things that are well worth avoiding if you are hoping...

Top FAQs – Commercial Movers

Office Movers
September 6, 2017 Published by

We thought it was about time we produced another blog covering some of the FAQs we receive. This time, they’re covering commercial movers. What is a commercial mover? There isn’t a standard definition but it broadly means a removals company that either specialises or has expertise, in commercial moves. That usually means offices and other...

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