Dangerous Goods – Notifying us in Advance

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April 24, 2017 Published by

Although it’s a subject we’ve blogged on before (the last time was about 7-8 months back), we hope you’ll excuse us for covering it again because it’s an important subject.

Here at Christchurch Removals, we can move just about anything to just about anywhere as part of our furniture removals service. However, there are a few potentially hazardous items where we will need to ask you to notify us well in advance if they’re included in your inventory of things to move:

  • inflammable materials – typically including things such as liquid fuels, gas cylinders, paints, thinners and so on;
  • corrosives – this can cover a wide range of materials but examples might include DIY or industrial strength acids, drain cleaning fluids, photographic chemicals, bleach, caustic soda etc.;
  • explosives – people tend to automatically think of exotic things such a dynamite but in reality this also means far more mundane things such as fireworks or ammunition;
  • gas cylinders or any highly pressurised containment vessel;
  • firearms and ammunition (even if antique);
  • major poisons, including things such as treatments for pest infestation, weed killer and the like;
  • radioactive substances – true, very unusual in a domestic move but it might happen if you’re a scientist with a lab at home;
  • bio-hazard materials – again, hardly commonplace but it can happen sometimes if people are receiving medical treatment.

Why do we need to know?

Our first concern is the safety of our customers and employees.  Then shortly behind that comes the protection of your items and our vehicle. In order to protect people as well as your household goods, we need to know if advance if you intend to transport any of the above items so that we can make arrangements accordingly.

For example, in some cases we may store certain types of item in a separate self-contained and lockable storage unit on board the vehicle.

We also need to know in advance so that if necessary, we can make special insurance arrangements. That might be necessary in cases where something would be categorised as ‘high risk’ by insurers.

All of these things can usually be resolved quickly and without hassle during the quotation process, providing you let us know that such items will need to be transported.

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