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Removal Insurance
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We’re regularly asked questions on this one. So, we’d like to share some of them here.

Will your insurance cover me against all risks?

No. To explain:-

Our own standard insurance exists to cover our liabilities to you and the general public.  It will not cover you if, say, you need to ask us to put your load into storage at the last moment because your new property isn’t ready.

Your own household contents insurance may lapse the moment your possessions leave your home – unless you take our additional furniture removals insurance to cover them in transit etc.

Why won’t my household insurance cover my goods in transit?

We’re not qualified to say what your existing cover may or may not offer.  We can only say that based upon our experience, this is sometimes an issue.

You should check it with your insurance provider.

Will removals insurance provide all-risk cover?

While it will offer you a huge degree of protection and reassurance, no insurance policy of any type will unconditionally offer to cover you for all circumstances whatever they may be.

It’s very important that you read a policy carefully before deciding whether or not to purchase it.  Seek advice if you’re not sure whether or not it’s right for you.

Can I insure any of my household items while they’re in transit?

In principle yes, though there may be some very rare exceptions such as hazardous materials etc.

More commonly, there may be some restrictions on the maximum amount of cover available for a given type of object. So, say a $50,000 luxury watch may require special insurance cover and a separate policy!

Some categories of goods might also be excluded or be subject to special conditions. That might include jewellery, antiques, cash and jewels etc.

Your removals insurance should highlight any such exceptions.

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