How to Ship Outsized Items

Household Relocation
May 6, 2016 Published by

It is not unusual for us to get asked to handle unusually sized items as part of a household removal.

The classic examples are, of course, things like grand pianos and large wardrobes.  Yet there are other things in this category too, including objects like antique grandfather clocks etc.

Just how we go about dealing with these items will vary a lot depending upon what type of move you are making.  

If your items are being moved a relatively short distance then it may be perfectly possible for us to simply wrap the item extensively in blankets and then to secure it to one side of our vehicle with appropriate ratchet strapping. It can become a little more complicated in situations where you wish your items to be put into storage or shipped overseas.  In those situations, we may recommend that your outsize item is fully and professionally packed in some sort of case.

For example, a grandfather clock is typically tall and moderately unstable in that its base is also usually fairly narrow.  That’s why many are secured to the wall they sit against.  In situations like that, it is usually advisable to dismantle the clock as far as possible into its components and then pack into long boxes for horizontal shipping.

Similar approaches can be applied with items such as a very large wardrobes or sideboards.  In some (though not all) instances, they can be dismantled to reduce the overall size.

In certain situations like these, it is not unusual for us to recommend that you have a specialist case constructed out of wood into which your object can be packed).  In Christchurch, removals companies often have close working associations with specialist case and carton manufacturers who can produce protective packaging to bespoke sizes.

That’s yet another reason why we would recommend you allow us to do your packing for you.

If you have any large and unwieldy items you wish to move, why not call us now for an entirely non-committal preliminary discussion?

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