Involve your Landlord in your Move Planning

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July 25, 2016 Published by

The vast majority of removals into or out of rented property go smoothly and without any hitches in terms of issues arising between tenants and landlords.

Unfortunately though, there are exceptions and in our experience, these are more commonplace when leaving a property as opposed to when moving in.

Those disputes tend to arise in a relatively small number of areas when vacating a property that somebody else owns:• Inventory taking (including both ‘still present’ and condition disputes)

• Cleanliness of the property

• The state of the garden

• Delays in landlords or property agents arriving on the day

It may be that you have a ‘difficult’ landlord or just that, while everybody has behaved appropriately, there is simply a poor relationship in place with both parties not really trusting each other. These things can happen.

More commonly with furniture removals and vacating a property, problems arise because of a combination of poor communication between tenants and landlord coupled with bad planning.  So, it’s not unusual to hear property agents grumbling that they weren’t given sufficient notice of the time of departure and what that meant for the inventory-taking. Some tenants, on the other hand, complain that the agents or landlord concerned had been told but simply forgot.

Our recommendations in this area are simple:

1. Involve your landlord and/or their agents as soon as possible once your exact dates are known.

2. Work out with them, exact times when they’ll be there to do what’s necessary on the day.

3. Confirm all that in writing.

4. To avoid shocks and arguments on the day, ask them to come by and check out the garden and external areas in advance.  If your garden’s tidy on day-1 it’s not likely to be unacceptable the following day. If there are issues, it’ll give you time to do something about them.

Above all, why not use our cleaning and gardening services to make sure that they’re two areas you won’t have to worry about on moving day itself?

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