Moving Large Furniture and Appliances by Yourself: Is it Possible?

Moving Large Furniture and Appliances by Yourself: Is it Possible?
August 17, 2020 Published by

Moving heavy furniture is a challenging job whether you’re moving or not. Here are some procedures to move heavy things without destroying your back and the furniture.

1. Begin by evaluating and assessing the weight, size, and shape of the furniture. In the event that you have to move the piece through a narrow hallway or stairs, take measurements and evaluate what’s the most ideal approach to carry the furniture so that it goes through without hitting doorways or walls.

2. Never attempt to move heavy things on stairs on your own. You may not securely move things without some assistance. The dangerous part for doing things yourself is the point at which you’re moving something heavy and tall that may fall on you if you don’t have others to assist you.

3. Break down each furniture piece to decrease the weight. Remove any loose pieces on chairs or couches like pillows or cushions.

4. Use plastic sliders to put under furniture legs to easily slide a chair, table, or couch across hardwood floors or rug. You can likewise utilize moving straps to decrease weight strain.

5. If you need to move a refrigerator that is tall, stand behind it, slightly lean it toward yourself, and push first the one side, and afterward the other side. This is to prevent slipping and falling.

6. Do not use a dolly for furniture that are higher than chest level.

7. Wear proper clothes and closed-toe shoes.

8. In case you’re moving a closet or dresser, empty it. Remove all things inside such as books or clothes. Remove the cushions in couch.

9. Another helpful idea when moving items and passing through stairs is to put a bit of old rug or cardboard underneath the furniture that you wish to move and simply pull it. This can provide protection on the floor surface, and simultaneously, it is a simple and modest approach to move things.

10. Spending money to get a few sliders or purchasing or leasing a two-wheel dolly may save you.

On the off chance that you don’t feel certain or happy with any of the tips mentioned above, don’t. They accomplish work if you can execute them appropriately. The main thing more terrible than not having the option to get a huge machine up of stairs is getting a huge apparatus half way up the stairs before your accessories or arms give out on you.

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