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Moving while Working

moving while working

We all know how difficult it can be to move, now add going to work. On top of that, if you can’t take a day off from work, you’ll need to find a way to make this move happen in your free time.


  • Create a checklist. We have a checklist that you can use as a model to prepare for your move, but you are going to want a more precise, personalized checklist as well to get your moving done in good time. Prioritize what needs to be done and make notes with an audio recorder (likely there is one on your mobile phone) on your way to and from work. That way you’ll have a plan of action, and you’ll remember those knick knacks that need to be packed.
  • Start collecting boxes. You can get a kit of packing and moving supplies from us in advance with free shipping. You might need some additional boxes though. Just in case as a backup, contact your local grocery store and ask them to set aside boxes when they stock in the morning. Stop by on your way to work and pick them up. Note that these boxes might also be helpful for wrapping corners of for furniture or art that doesn’t fit in the standard art boxes.
  • Request our Quick Quote on your lunch break. This way you can get the moving day reserved and still enjoy your lunch. Our full quote service may better suit your circumstances and can be completed after work.
  • Ask for help from friends or family, it doesn’t hurt to have a helping hand. Plan a packing and moving party for your off hours; invite as many people as possible so that if people don’t show up, you’ll have at least one person to make this job easier. Have packing materials and markers available and then go room by room or as far as you can get in 1 day. Then you can label the boxes accordingly for an easier delivery and unpacking process. Be sure to play music and to have some food and libations on hand so the visitors don’t get antsy.
  • Set aside a few hours every day to pack up. Just about everything can be packed ahead of the moving day, so try and get started as soon as possible. It’s really a drag living with everything in boxes, but if you have precious time to move, better to have everything ready. Save beds for last.
  • Get your personal belongings packed and ready to go in advance. Set aside a few dishes and silverware to eat in the kitchen. Those few items are easy to pack last minute. Then, the morning of the move, we will bring mattress bags to protect your mattress and disassemble your bed for you as well.

We hope these tips have been helpful. Good luck with your move! We put our heart into every move – Since 1994

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