Office Removals – Top “Don’t Do” Tips

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February 19, 2018 Published by

We are experts in business relocation, Christchurch and elsewhere in New Zealand.

As a result of that, we have gained extensive experience of many particular forms of commercial moves and particularly office removals.

That’s why we’d like to share some of our top tips for things that are well worth avoiding if you are hoping to achieve that smooth and trauma-free office relocation.


  • leave your planning until the last moment. It almost invariably causes serious difficulties in terms of “making things happen” efficiently;
  • ask your colleagues to provide the manual labour required for packing and shifting cartons or machinery. It’s almost certainly against the terms and conditions of your business insurance;
  • assume that your delivery vehicle will be able to find a parking space that’s convenient, through good luck on the day itself. Make arrangements in advance to be sure that the vehicle can be parked close to your premises;
  • believe the myth that IT equipment can simply be unplugged in one location and plugged back in at the new location without trauma. OK, sometimes that happens but don’t take chances and hope you get lucky. Instead, make sure you have budgeted for an IT expert to assist in your relocation;
  • economise on boxes and other packing materials. If you do the packing yourself and use sub-standard materials, it might be something you’ll regret upon arrival at your new location;
  • forget to reserve a lift with your building services management, if you’re on upper floors. Trying to share lifts between removers and other office building users can be a source of delay, frustration and occasionally dispute if the location is busy.  All best avoided through reserving a lift for your own use during the move;
  • be unrealistic about how long your business will be out of action. Thinking that your colleagues will be able to keep on working while the office is being dismantled (or reassembled) around them might be a little optimistic!  Evenings or weekends might be an alternative;
  • ask someone relatively junior and inexperienced to try and manage your side of the removal for you. There is usually a lot to do and arrange.  Typically this should be managed by one of your more senior people or the business owner.

Just a few basic tips.  Hope they were helpful!

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