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fabric packing
June 7, 2016 Published by

If you are doing your own packing, we draw your attention to the potential need to cover your fabric items thoroughly with an impermeable layer of protection.

That probably sounds like something of a mouthful but it’s quite straightforward.

If you are packing clothes or other smaller fabric items, you may well be placing them in cartons.  If you can, it might be sensible to place them into plastic bags within those cartons.  That’s because although you can be 100% sure that our teams will take the ultimate care when loading and transporting your goods, if you have packed something containing fluids and liquids into another carton and it then leaks, the results might be catastrophic for your fabrics.

Similar care may be required with soft furnishings.

Many types of cushion covering on things like settees can be difficult to remove and clean. In some cases, depending upon the substances involved, the stains might be impossible to remove completely.  Even leather and faux-leather materials can be badly stained by certain types of fluids.

Of course, any liquids should be in sealed containers and it’s also highly advisable that they themselves are contained within impermeable bags. Even so, it’s a very sound idea to try and think ahead and thereby protect your items from potentially irreparable damage.

When you are considering furniture removals, Christchurch customers (and those elsewhere too!) should always consider asking for our advice on professional packing.  We are experts in this domain and you can be sure that your articles are packed and protected so as to virtually eliminate risks of this type.

If you are determined to do your own packing though, talk to us anyway.  We may be able to offer you some extremely useful advice and guidance on how to go about things.

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