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February 23, 2016 Published by

We are more than happy to provide expert and professional packing services for all commercial relocations.

Even so, we understand that some companies may prefer to do as much of their own preparation and packing as possible. That may be because they wish to take particular care of certain components or simply in order to try and keep their costs down.

Whatever the reason, if you are planning to prepare and pack your own office items ready for our Christchurch movers, we would recommend that you keep the following health and safety points in mind.

  • If you are your colleagues are lifting heavy boxes or pieces of machinery around, you should have heavy-duty hard toe-cap boots or shoes on.
  • Lift heavy boxes or other individual items with your knees relatively close together and your back straight. It should be your legs that are doing the vast majority of the lifting effort, not your back.
  • Be cautious with anything that has sharp edges that might rip clothes or more importantly, the skin of the person trying to move it.
  • Anything that contains fluids should be treated with great caution. Some printing machines may have inks in them that could stain clothing and anything containing corrosive or flammable liquids should be drained down in advance.
  • Don’t allow staff members with known medical problems to participate in lifting or carrying heavier items around your premises.
  • Be particularly careful if people are carrying heavy loads up and down stairs.
  • Finally, make absolutely certain that your professional and employers’ liability insurance offers the right type of cover if you are asking your employees to participate in helping with an office move. Some policies may explicitly exclude this from their cover.

Once again, we can’t help saying that it will be much easier and safer if you allow us to do your packing for you!

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