Sending Your Goods via the Mail and Insurance Problems

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July 5, 2017 Published by

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Back in September 2016, we blogged on the issues associated with shipping goods in the post.

This created a lot of interest, specifically around postal insurance and we felt obliged to do a follow-up.

Do please note that we’re expert Christchurch movers not lawyers or insurance experts! So, we’re offering here our understanding and you may wish to check this yourself.

If you decide to ship some of your household goods through the mail, then fine. There might be some reasons, in certain instances, why you’d choose to do so.

Typical postal insurance will cover your items in transit for:

  • total loss (e.g. via theft or loss in the mail)
  • or their total destruction.

Total loss (whether by theft or genuine mysterious disappearance) is easy to prove and insurance claims in that domain are handled routinely.

The problem comes around definitions of ‘total destruction’ because this cannot easily be proven. From your point of view, that crack in the mirror most certainly wasn’t there when you shipped it. From the mail insurer’s point of view though, how do they know? You might have dropped it 5 minutes after it was received in perfect condition.

In fact, there are all sort of procedures you can follow to try and make a postal claim or dispute one that’s rejected. That’s fair enough and you can no doubt find details of all that online.

From our viewpoint, all our insurance covering your items transported on our vehicles is straightforward, cost effective and easy to understand. We can discuss all of what it covers and what it doesn’t cover, with you at the time we issue our quotation.

So, if you choose to ship some of your household items by mail, make sure you understand the insurance implications thoroughly. If you don’t want to bother with that, then let us deal with ALL your removal transport.

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