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Steps to House Relocation
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Household Removals

There is no right or wrong way to move house, but there are ways to make your move easier, less stressful and more affordable. Don’t make your ‘house relocation‘ any harder than it needs to be.

There are a few hints and tips that you might like to bear in mind when it comes to moving house; this bears no effect whether you are moving within UK, USA, New Zealand, Auckland or moving long distance half way round the world. One of those important things to bear in mind is that preparations should begin as early as four to six weeks ahead of moving day. This gives you plenty of time to get everything done without having to rush. Rushing to complete tasks can cause you to make mistakes and forget things; this could prove costly to you.

House Relocation

Below is a list of a few ideas that you find interesting in to help you to prepare for your move. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail, so get organised before the big day. So, let’s look at these tips:

  • De-clutter your property up to four weeks ahead of time so that you have chance to sell anything you do not want, give it to charity or to bin anything unusable,
  • Make a utility company list, gas, electric, internet providers, water, telephone etc.
  • Inform your landlord that you are moving up to four weeks ahead of time so that you do not incur any rent charges.
  • Take apart any furniture which is self-assembly unless the removal company are going to do it for you
  • Make lists and to do lists.
  • Don’t go out for meals, eat everything in your cupboards and freezer so you have no food go to waste or move.
  • Do not leave fuel in your lawnmower
  • Put all of your certificates and passports in a safe place, but make sure passports are accessible. You will need them if moving to Auckland or New Zealand from an international country.
  • Defrost your fridge or freezer.

Once everything is loaded onto the van or truck, scour your house to make sure that everything is clear and you have left nothing behind. Most removal companies will need directions to your new home, address and a set of your new house keys to let themselves in if they are there before you. However, it is wisest to get there before the furniture removal, this way you will have a say where everything goes.

Most removal companies in Christchurch or anywhere else will be able to control the removal process from packing, wrapping and picking up your furniture to helping you understand all the documentation and the paperwork that goes with it.

Are you ready to move?

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