Take the Stress Out of House Relocation

House Relocation
July 23, 2013 Published by

More often than not, house relocation is a stressful and arduous process for homeowners. However, it should be an enjoyable process which homeowners can look back and reminisce upon. Here are some tips which can help make the relocation process and much easier and stress-free one.

Before the Moving Day

Here are some things homeowners should take care of before moving to ensure that the entire process is runs smoothly.

  • Clean the fridge – a top tip for leaving the fridge smelling fresh is to wipe it down with a damp cloth and a few drops of vanilla essence. Pop some silica gel or baking soda in drawers and compartments to soak up moisture and eliminate any remaining odours.
  • Empty the drawers – remove heavy or sharp items from drawers and fill them with blankets, towels and light materials that are unlikely to move around.
  • Leave plants alone – leave plants unwatered on moving day. Dry soil weighs less than wet soil and avoids the possibility of dirt getting on other things.
  • Get your new house ready – if possible, arrange to have your new house cleaned the day before. If that can’t be done, try to get there before the removal company and clean the floors, leaving the rest of the cleaning for later when you have more time.

Easy Packing Guide

The last thing you want on moving day is for the bottom to fall out of your boxes. Here’s a simple way to make sure that never happens.

  • Get boxes in three different sizes; small, medium and large
  • Put heavy items in small boxes and lightest in large boxes
  • Use professional moving boxes provided by your removal company

If you use your own boxes make sure they’re clean and intact. For more tips and guidance on making your house relocation stress-free, contact the experts at Christchurch Removals today.

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