Things We May Need to Say ‘No’ to

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May 25, 2016 Published by

Let’s be clear, at Christchurch Removals we prefer to talk about all the things we can do rather than start discussing those we can’t.

Even so, we are occasionally asked questions about what activities on removals day we can take care of and those we either can’t or won’t be well positioned to handle.  In fact, there are very, very few things we can’t do but there are a few points perhaps worth mentioning.

  • Become involved with any contractual debates or disputes you might have with utility service providers such as water, electricity and gas etc. The utility providers will typically insist upon dealing with their customer rather than a furniture removals company.
  • Engage in inventory taking or representing your interests with your ex-landlord. Legally, these factors can only be dealt with by you.
  • Networking with your neighbours in terms of seeking their permission for parking spaces and resolving inconveniences that might arise for them as a consequence of your removals. A typical example there might be speaking to immediate neighbours and telling them that their access may be temporarily blocked by our vehicle.  We will notify you in advance if that could be the case and it will be your responsibility to talk to your neighbours.
  • Allowing you, your colleagues or family members, access to our vehicles. There are insurance restrictions in terms of allowing people other than our employees to climb aboard and load our vehicles.
  • Handing hazardous substances – unless we have discussed those with you in advance and made plans accordingly.
  • Being left responsible for the care and supervision of children and pets if you need to leave the premises for a period.

We really don’t like talking about negatives though. Whatever your requirements are, we should be able to meet them. Just talk to us as soon as possible and we’ll show you how!

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