Top Tips for Post-Removal Property Checklist

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October 14, 2016 Published by

Once we’ve moved everything out of your house onto our vehicle, you’ll probably want to walk around and say a hopefully fond farewell.

However, even at this stage, it’s important to run through a quick checklist as part of your house relocation, Christchurch or elsewhere. This one applies to owner-occupiers rather than tenants.

  • Have you left everything behind that you should have? Remember, unless your sales contract specifically agreed it, you typically must not take anything with you that could be considered to be a ‘fixture or fitting’.
  • Have you switched off the electrical supply at source? Ditto for water and gas. If you’re asked by the new owners not to do so (e.g. leave the heating on a low level if it’s very cold) then make sure they confirm the request in writing. That’s to protect your liability interests should something go wrong between you leaving and the new owners taking possession (e.g. a leak).
  • Is your property, including the garden, reasonably clean and tidy? It’s rare but this can be an issue sometimes with property handovers, so look at things critically.
  • Check those built-in cupboards one last time. Yes, you think you’ve already done so but it’s amazing what some people overlook and accidentally leave behind.
  • Are all the doors and windows securely fastened/locked? Once again, there could be legal liability issues here if you don’t and the house is subsequently illegally entered and (e.g.) vandalised.
  • Do you have all the keys? It’s surprising how frequently keys or individual sets of keys can go missing in the very last minutes when leaving a property. Putting them all in a safe central place on the day of the move can help avoid the risks of them being accidentally packed and loaded onto the vehicle!

A few basic ideas but hopefully they’ll prove useful.

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