Using a Tail-Lift Vehicle

House Relocation
July 6, 2016 Published by

It’s sometimes the case that we need a little mechanical lifting assistance to get something heavy into a vehicle – and that’s where a tail-lift vehicle might be required.
This is usually required during furniture removals where there’s a single object that’s too heavy to lift manually – or at least to do so safely. Examples that come to mind include pianos, some large wardrobes, large stone garden ornaments and so on.

In some cases, we might need to bring with us some mobile lifting equipment too. That might include a trolley or a hydraulic lifting pallet truck etc.  It all depends upon your individual removal requirements and we’ll work all that out with you when assessing your total load, as part of preparing a formal quotation.

In fact, there’s very little that we can’t move, even if it is very heavy. We also do plant and machinery removals for some of our industrial and commercial clients and there the challenges in terms of weight can be significant and require crane hire etc. So, the weight challenges in a typical household removal are rarely a challenge for us!
Of course if there are very heavy items to move, then we may need more than just lifting equipment. For example, shifting a piano across a floor can be risky for some types of expensive wood flooring. So, we’ll also make sure we take plenty of care there to avoid damage to the floor you’re leaving behind and do the same upon delivery with your new floors.

Tail-lifts, like all machinery, can be dangerous if mishandled though and that’s one of the reasons why we don’t allow our customers onto our vehicles or to use such equipment.

So, we have a full fleet and plenty of equipment standing by ready to help you. Just call and let us do our stuff!

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