What Exactly Secure Storage Services Means

Secure Storage Services
September 12, 2013 Published by

If you are moving out without anywhere to move in, if you have outgrown your house but cant quite move to a larger one just yet or maybe you need to get the clutter out of your office and need somewhere to store secure files, you may be an ideal candidate for using secure storage services.

Secure storage services are exactly what they seem to be from their name a secure place where various items, almost anything that you can think of really, can be stored with assurance that the facilities are secure.

Steps to using secure storage services:

  1. Decide on the things that you want to store
  2. Book a space that fits the items that you are storing
  3. They will either pick up from you or you can deliver to the facility personally
  4. Load the items into the secure storage unit
  5. Lock it up

Who can use secure storage services?

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Businesses
  • Sports clubs
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Anyone that has a storage need

Some tips for using secure storage services

  • Always insure your items
  • Use a good quality lock on the door
  • Cover everything with plastic to keep it dust free
  • Leave a small amount of room between items for ventilation
  • Stand couches and mattresses on end
  • Label boxes
  • Put any items that you need to access near the door
  • If you stack boxes to shoulder height you can maximise the space that you have available to you
  • Place the lightweight and small items to the rear and place the larger and heavier items into the storage area last. If possible leave a walkway so that access the items at the rear easily
  • Mark any boxes or items that are fragile
  • Ensure that things like glass and mirrors are well padded to be protected from damage
  • Table tops should not be stored on their edges and protect them by using paper or blankets around the edges
  • If you wipe metal objects like bikes and tools lightly with oil it should stop them from going rusty
  • With china and glassware, pack it very well with paper and wrap every item individually – pack plates on their edge rather than flat
  • Do not over or under pack boxes and try to use the same size to make them easier to stack
  • Seal all boxes tightly with packing tape
  • For heavy items use small boxes so they are easier to handle
  • Clean appliances before you store them – wedge doors open in storage
  • Wrap chair legs in paper for protection and place slip covers on upholstered chairs
  • Lamps and lamp shades are best packed separately in different boxes with plenty of padding for protection
  • Any items that are high in value can be packed in unmarked boxes and stored near the back of the storage space

So if you are looking for somewhere safe and secure to store household items, excess stock or even important company documents then maybe secure storage is exactly what you are looking for.

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