Why you need to Drain Motorcycles and Lawnmowers

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August 9, 2016 Published by

We regularly handle motorcycles and lawnmowers in our household removals.

In one sense, they’re no problem for us at all.  They’re usually not massively large or heavy, though if you have a full-blown agricultural mower do please let us know in advance so we can check its dimensions and weight.

However, we will typically ask you to ensure though that your mower or bike has been fully drained down of fuel and oil.  There are two reasons for this:

•    The dangers of contamination or spoliation

•    Potential problems with fire and explosion.

When we load our vehicles during a household removal, you can be sure that every item will be professionally loaded and fully secured.  So, there’s no risk that your bike or mower is going to go ‘walkabout’ while in transit.
What we can’t guarantee though is that they won’t be shaken up a little.  Rough roads, sharp bends and emergency braking – they can all cause things to shake a bit.

The risk with items containing fuel and oil is, of course, that a line pops somewhere or a leak opens up. In the case of oil, that might mean a great deal of mess in our vehicle and that in turn might mean some of your other household items are damaged.  Machine oil can also be very difficult to remove.

In the case of fuel, you have similar risks but the added one of fire. Fuel is highly combustible and can ignite under some seemingly innocuous conditions.  That’s not going to be fun in a vehicle containing the rest of your precious possessions.

So, for all the above reasons, we may require you to completely empty your ‘motor’ of fuel and oil prior to loading.  Please contact us for a discussion if you’re in any doubt about what is or is not required prior to moving your mowers and bikes etc.

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